For Guys Only: Harry's

"Handsomer. Sharperer. Less Expensiver
An Exceptional Shave at a Fraction of the Price"

This is from an eMail I received from Harry's today

This is from an eMail I received from Harry's today

So, here's the deal: I don't typically write product endorsements or try to sell anything (except for real estate), but, if you're a guy, and you shave with a blade, you should know about Harry's.

I've long been using that other brand that begins with "Gillette," and paying about $16.99 for a 4-pack ($4.25 each) of Fusion ProGlide blades; or, about $33 for an 8-pack ($4.13 each). I've been aware of competing companies with blades for less, but after reading everything at their websites, was never persuaded to make the switch. Until Harry's.

This is jpeg copy of the ad I first saw

This is jpeg copy of the ad I first saw

Perhaps this speaks to the power of well designed (Facebook) advertising, because it wasn't until one of Harry's little 'sponsored' ads appeared in my newsfeed that I became a Harry's fan. Always on the hunt for a less expensive blade, I clicked through and read everything on Harry's site. I signed up for the $15 Truman set: a Truman handle, 3 blades (and, by the way, Harry's owns its own German razor-blade manufacturing company) and a tube of Harry's own shave cream. I'm sold! Harry's blades are $2 or less; the shave cream is great, it smells good, and it's exponentially less than what I've been using.

If you're ready to stand up to crazy high-priced razor blades, it's time to switch.

"I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now."

If you haven't yet heard about Field Notes, here you are! Whether you're an habitual note writer, or a home buyer trying to keep track of all your favorite homes, you should know about Field Notes. I've been using them for several years, in my real-estate business here the Stowe, Vermont area, to help me keep track of my clients' favorite properties and related questions and todo's. Anyway, they regularly introduce new limited editions; and, this past week the new "Red Blooded" edition arrived just in time for Valentine's Day.  This video will inspire you to something really different and special for your main squeeze:

Learn more about the "Red Blooded" edition here; learn more about Field Notes here

Happy Valentine's Day!