A little piece of Austria in a lot of Vermont

A little piece of Austria in a lot of Vermont

Somewhat of a different approach, a bit irreverent, for a getaway review. Here's a snippet, with a link to the complete story. What do you think?

by Sandra O'Connell, The Irish Times
August 22, 2015

"In the rousing final scene of The Sound of Music, we leave the Von Trapp family, in a crescendo of capes, escaping over a mountain. How nice, therefore, on the 50th anniversary of the film’s release, to see where they fetched up – in a ski lodge in Vermont.

Boy, was it worth the walk. The Trapp Family Lodge (they lost the Von somewhere over the Alps) is nothing less than a little piece of Austria in a lot of Vermont. You’ll know because that’s what the sign at the gate says.

Of course, the people in the movie weren’t the real Von Trapps, just Julie Andrews and that bloke with the whistle. It’s a subtle distinction, which these real, live, non-movie star Trapps seem at pains to point out.

The walls of their gorgeous Alpine-style hotel (lots of dormer windows and decorative fascia) are bedecked with posters from the movie. But despite the weekly Sound of Music events and occasional sing-songs, you can’t help but feel the descendants, at best, ambiguous about the movie."

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