The Best Craft Brewery in Every State (and DC)!

Jennifer Bui/ Thrillist

Jennifer Bui/ Thrillist

Published on 7/19/2015 By Matt Lynch and Andy Kryza |

Here in the USA we might have our differences, but there's one thing everyone can agree on: beer is wonderful. Well, actually, there are the people who don't drink beer for religious reasons, or because they're terrified of developing a beer belly, or because they (for some insane reason) don't like the taste. Forget it, there is NOTHING that everyone in America can agree on, least of all beer.

With that in mind, sorting out the best brewery in every state is a daunting endeavor. Thrillist has writers and editors stationed throughout this fine land (now even in Hawaii!), and we had plenty of heated disagreements just among ourselves. After all, one person's flawless IPA is another person's over-hopped disaster. But hey, we fight because we care.

So what does the "best brewery" in a state look like? There's no universal set of criteria. Obviously, making fantastic beer is a must (and that's happening in so many places these days, it's kind of becoming an extremely delicious problem). Does size matter? To a degree. If two breweries are pretty damn close in quality and one is providing beer to MANY more people, that could tip the scales. That said, as you'll see, smallness and newness were by no means deal breakers, especially if you have people driving hours to wait in line for beers you can barely bottle before people snatch them up.

Without further ado, check out the picks, read about some beers to add to your bucket list (as well as some old favorites... ), or just check out your state, disagree immediately, and say terrible things in the comments. However you want to play it, happy drinking!

But wait! Before you go check out your State, here's Vermont's best brewery according to Thrillist:


Hill Farmstead Brewery (address and info)
Greensboro Bend
The Alchemist... Lawson's... what is it with Vermont and making beers that people flip out over to the extent that acquiring them requires either parting with a kidney or... taking a trip to Vermont! However, no brewery in the little state with the big brews reaches quite the staggering level of consistent excellence that Hill Farmstead does. An IPA that for most breweries would be a once-in-a-lifetime (or more likely, not-in-a-lifetime) accomplishment is just business as usual for it. The same can be said for its porters, its saisons... it pretty much doesn't know how to make anything that's less than incredible.