July Maintenance Guide

Keep your weekend chores organized with this handy list.

The month of July can be a busy one for homeowners. Summer vacation, celebrations, a change in the family schedule and increased heat can create fun but active weekends. If you live in an area with increased summer storms or floods, you’ll want to make sure your home and family are prepped for emergencies. For example, you can dedicate one weekend to creating a whole-home inventory. To keep your summer home costs down, maintain your air conditioning units and practice smart water conservation in the yard. July can be a great month to tackle larger home improvement projects, especially on the exterior. Projects like roofing, siding, painting, patio, deck, and landscaping might require hiring a professional. Be sure to read our articles about how to make smart hiring decisions and how to budget for your project.

Best July weekend projects

  • practice water conservation by watering by hand and adding mulch.
  • service your air conditioning unit before technicians get too busy
  • check your exterior siding and repair, replace or repaint as necessary.
  • keep mosquitoes away by emptying stagnant pools of water
  • set up or build a compost area in your yard so you can use this “black gold” for fall planting
  • make organic fertilizer, plant fall annuals and sow fall vegetable seeds
  • organize your closets and donate winter clothes
  • pack a summer emergency car kit

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Anne Reagan is the Editor-In-Chief, Porch.com With a background in furniture and antiques, Anne has spent the last several years writing about home improvement and interior design. An avid traveler, she loves to collect pieces that tell a story and in her off hours she can be found hunting for vintage furniture and textiles.