The Ultimate Guide to Painting Your Home from A to Z

Should You Paint Before You Sell? Top Designers Say, “Of Course!”

White, white, white — almost all our rooms are white or off-white! — the kitchen, to be generous, is the same tomato-soup color (or is it pink?) that it was when we bought our house almost 12 years ago. While we have an over-abundance of sample-size paint jars painstakingly chosen and purchased over the years, we have yet to paint a single room in our otherwise interesting and very comfortable home. And the exterior? It's called Fran's Folly. My wife subscribes — she didn't really; I subscribed her — to my blog, I wonder what she'll think!

This article, which starts below, is from the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog. It's a guest post by interior designer, Kerrie Kelly, ASID. She is a color-and-palette aficionado who writes on home decor for The Home Depot. The author of the book Home Decor: A Sunset Design Guide, Kerrie provides guidance to homeowners on paint colors and designs.

"Paint color is a tricky, personal decision for homeowners, and prepping your home for sale only complicates the decision making process.  After all, the stakes are a little higher when money is involved.

Image via  Sarah Fishburne

Image via Sarah Fishburne

Any realtor will tell you that a fresh coat of paint—inside and out—is the most cost effective improvement you can make to get your house ready for the market. You will certainly garner more interest, make the sale more quickly, and ideally, make your money back from the cost of painting.

The conventional wisdom is that neutral colors are best, but that’s not always the case. We caught up with a couple of pros from the design and real estate worlds to help you hone in on the most important color details. Design expert Sarah Fishburne, the Director of Trend & Design at The Home Depot and the force behind Design Meet Style, surprised and inspired us with her unexpected suggestions on selecting colors and finishes.

Sunny Lake, Assistant Branch Manager of the Coldwell Banker in Bellingham, Wash., also chimed in with direct experience from the marketplace.

Let’s take a look at painting do’s and don’ts from the outside in." Finish reading the complete article here at Coldwell Banker Blue Matter.