British Invasion - The Main (Street) Event

This evening, the middle of this annual 3-day British car show, Stowe's Main Street was closed to traffic, and transformed into a block party, featuring the Beatles tribute band, BritishMania. British cars, parked diagonally, lined both sides of Main Street for 3 blocks. It was a chilly Fall evening -- and it was fun! Here's a selection of my iPhone Photos:

Main Street, Stowe, VT: We got a block party goin' on!

Main Street, Stowe, VT: At 6:30, show cars were still arriving

BritishMania performed in front of  Stowe, VT's Town Hall

Main Street, Stowe, VT: Listening to BeatleMania

Rockin' out to old Beatles tunes on Stowe VT's Main Street

Main Street, Stowe, Vermont