Foliage Viewing in New Hampshire and Vermont (NYT)

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by David G. Allan, New York Times, September 15, 2009
Q. I am looking at taking a driving trip through the Northeast this October to see some of the beautiful fall foliage. I will be driving through New Hampshire and Vermont on my way to Waterbury, Vt. I wonder if there are any places you can recommend to see the foliage or any Web sites you could direct me to.

Chris Manshio, Chicago

A. You've definitely picked two of the best states in the region for seeing the leaves turn. In a previous Q&A, "Tips on Seeing New England's Fall Foliage" (July 17, 2008), I recommended a few Web sites that feature interactive foliage reports. Yankee Magazine's covers the length of your entire drive with a map of current foliage conditions, peak calendars, scenic driving routes, a blog, forums and even a "tree cam."

New Hampshire's official site,, has a 2009 interactive map to view by dates of travel, plus itineraries and driving tours. Vermont's official tourism site has a forecaster as well, at, plus drives, tips and weekly reports from last year.

Both the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont are among the best forests for fall visits. Waterbury is just 20 miles away from the edge of Green Mountain parkland and about 10 miles from Stowe, which hosts an annual Foliage Arts Festival (, with food and entertainment, during Columbus Day weekend.

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Here's an iPhone Photo of the Maple tree in my front yard: