Xtreme Sports ID

Vermont Sports Magazine - September 2008

Stowe, VT, and Maui, HI -- Everyone has seen Lance Armstrong's "Live Strong" yellow rubber bracelets. XTreme Sports ID takes the bracelet to a whole other level, by turning the simple piece of silicon rubber into a lifesaving piece of information. Each bracelet bears a medical symbol, a toll-free phone number, and the wearer's unique ID number. If, say, while on a bike ride you are hit by a car and left unconscious, whoever comes to the rescue can call the toll- free number embossed on the band. The voice system prompts the caller to enter the ID number, also embossed on the band. Once the wearer's ID is located, the caller is prompted to enter #1 for medical alerts, #2 for emergency contacts, and so on. You can even record "in case of death directives," "do not resuscitate instructions," and "organ donor" information. When you purchase the band, all you need to do is log onto the Xtreme Sports web site and create your ID record. The band is $8 for the first year and coverage can be renewed online for $5/year.

The bands are available in a variety of colors and are sized for small children as well as adults. The bracelets are attractive, comfortable, and virtually impossible to destroy. Anyone who does outdoor sports, and especially anyone who embarks on solo adventures, would be wise to wear this ID bracelet. Xtreme Sports ID national sales director Bryan Gillam of Stowe says, –Why carry your identification when you can simply wear it?– Xtreme Sports ID is headquartered in Maui.

For more information, visit www. xtremesportsid.com.

I'm already wearing one. Many of my fellow ski patrollers at Stowe Mountain Resort will be wearing one. They'll also know to look for them on guests who need help. Buy yours at the new Spruce Base Camp up at the Mountain, set to open on November 22nd; or, if you're not local, send me an eMail.