Alex was very impressed with your work ethic and how hard you worked for us.
— Alexa Schwartz for Alex Karp, Palo Alto, CA

He went the extra mile and was a pleasure to work with

Charlie was great to work with both prior to and after our home purchase in Stowe. He was recommended to us by friends who had bought a house in Stowe through him, and we highly recommend him as well. While many may think that a realtor is only involved in finding and closing on a home purchase, and then quickly moves on to the next buyer or seller, Charlie provided us a lot more after the closing as well. We lived 2,500 miles away in California; and, with Charlie’s help, we quickly found our dream home that we would be moving back to. However, we were not moving from CA to Stowe for another 6 months after we closed, and Charlie cheerfully took on helping ensure that the various contractors and service providers could get into the house at almost any time and he also kept an eye on it through the winter. He went the extra mile and was a pleasure to work with.
— Andy and Nancy Kingman

We came in knowing what we wanted, and Charlie made it happen for us — very quickly!

Charlie was an absolute joy to work with, and he helped us buy a home (a year ago this week!) that we absolutely love. We came in knowing what we wanted, and Charlie made it happen for us — very quickly! But I have no doubt that if we had needed more time and had a less clear vision of what we were looking for, Charlie would have also been extremely helpful in the search process. As we prepared to make an offer, he gave us great insights into the market (especially since we were coming from out of town) and he put things into perspective for us in a way that was digestible and very helpful. He worked with the seller on our offer effectively and efficiently, and kept us informed throughout the entire process. The only regret I have about the process is that it all went so quickly and smoothly that we didn’t get to spend enough time with Charlie! We truly enjoyed his company so much and trusted him at every step in the process! I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house in the area (in fact, I already have!). He’s a true gem!
— Nina and Peter Blain

He is honest and straightforward, making a very confusing and frustrating process easy and seamless.

Charlie is a pleasure to work with. His promptness and responsiveness is impressive. He takes the time to get to know what you are looking for and then guides you toward things that meet your needs and goals. He isn’t pushy like other realtors I have worked with, and you truly feel like you are working alongside a friend who has your best interests in mind. He is honest and straightforward, making a very confusing and frustrating process easy and seamless.
— Katie Dolbec

Not once were we blindsided by the unforeseen, every base was covered.

Working with Charlie was a true pleasure. Not once were we blindsided by the unforeseen, every base was covered. While I could discuss Charlie’s vast experience, true professionalism, strong community ties, gift for working with all types of different personalities as well as his calming effect during the stressful pockets of selling a home. I won’t. You will understand all of this when you meet him. Instead I am going to describe our experience. Our listing went live after 5 pm on a Friday. Monday morning we had a strong offer, we countered and the buyer accepted. On Tuesday we had a signed Purchase and Sale agreement, enough said!
— Adam Rothschild

Besides being a great Realtor, Charlie is also so personable and easy to be with.

Charlie Aronovici came recommended to us by a friend who raved about him so much that we knew we were going to be in trusted hands from the get go. We were so pleased to find that our friends advice was right on!

We had started with a different agent who didn’t seem to really listen. I felt from the beginning that Charlie listened to both of us. He asked questions that demonstrated his interest in our wants and needs. He never tried to over sell us. Charlie excels at listening and following through. Like any buyer we had specific things we wanted to find in our new home. Charlie was attentive and patient in helping us find just the right house. Whenever we felt discouraged he always had something wise and encouraging to say to keep us focused and hopeful. He was adept at pointing out both positive and negative details about any house we viewed. He was also readily available and eager to hunt for our new home.

Finding the right house is only half the story. Negotiating and bringing the deal to a successful and timely closing is also something Charlie is able to do with the utmost professionalism and wisdom. He is detail oriented and thorough. He handled the contract process as if it was his own personal deal. He has a great list of recommendations for all the related inspections and he was present for all of them. He was always on top of the next item on the agenda. He was proactive every step of the way. We always felt like Charlie was out for our best interest.

Besides being a great Realtor, Charlie is also so personable and easy to be with. He is kind, funny, intelligent, easy going and a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Charlie Aronovici as a great Realtor. And he is an incredibly nice guy!
— Betsy Ellis, Stowe, VT

Charlie was very helpful in educating us ... and managing the process of buying a bank-owned property.

We have purchased and sold several homes as we’ve moved around the country. Now that we were settled in one spot we wanted to buy a second home and were evaluating a foreclosed property in Stowe, VT. Charlie was very helpful in educating us and helping us manage the process of buying a bank-owned property, something we had never done before. With Charlie’s assistance, we now have a beautiful house in Stowe that we thoroughly enjoy and what we believe is a great investment. Charlie was recommended to us by friends in Stowe and we highly recommend him as well.
— Tom Kelly, Sudbury, MA

Charlie was ... always willing to listen to our ideas and show us new properties.

Charlie was a pleasure to work with throughout the process of searching for and purchasing our home. Charlie worked with us over several months and was always willing to listen to our ideas and show us new properties. Our real estate transaction was complicated and very time consuming. Charlie helped us navigate the process with the buyer and lender and remained positive throughout the transaction.

We would definitely work with Charlie again and recommend him to others looking to buy or sell a home in the area.
— Mike DeBonis, Moretown, VT

Charlie was ... professional, responsive, helpful and efficient...

We came upon Charlie randomly at the start of our search for a condo in Stowe and thank goodness we did! Charlie was not only professional, responsive, helpful and efficient, he was friendly and engaging and supportive as well. He was always willing to accommodate our schedule in coming to Stowe (we live out of state) to view properties. Charlie answered all of our many questions thoroughly and quickly — including satellite maps with distances calculated per our specific requests to find a property within a particular distance to the rec path. Charlie was always fast to respond to our emails or phone calls, and reassuring at times of stress. We would work with Charlie again in a heartbeat, and recommend anyone interested in the area to contact him. He is a gem! Charlie was such a pleasure to work with — we hope we run into him more in Stowe!
— Elana Chandler, Westford, MA

Click here to see the Stoweflake Townhome that is now Elana and her family's perfect vacation home!

"[Charlie] was a helpful advocate throughout the process"

With Charlie’s assistance, we purchased an ‘as is’ Freddie Mac foreclosed property [in Morristown, VT], which are notorious for excessive paperwork and repair issues. Since we lived a day’s drive away and were unable to be in VT frequently, it was critical, under these circumstances, to have a competent, trustworthy real-estate agent with great communication skills. Charlie fit the bill. He responded quickly and courteously to our frequent calls and emails, and remained calm even when my feathers were ruffled. Charlie answered all our questions and helped us understand what we could expect from the seller in our particular situation. He was a helpful advocate throughout the process. Working with Charlie was a very pleasant experience! He’s a professional as well as a nice guy!
— Amy Willey, Meadville, PA

"I trusted him since the beginning ... and he honored my trust."

The most important for me is that Charlie started as a realtor and turned into a friend of the family. We started looking at houses in Stowe four years ago, as part of a long-term plan to move to United States.

Charlie had to be unbelievably patient to understand my bad English to learn all the requirements I had not clearly put even to myself. After that we went through the negotiations and financials and he again had all the necessary patience to review my crazy excel worksheets that considered different contract-price scenarios. He helped me to understand the way real state is traded in U.S., instructing me about all the technical and legal details and steps.

Finally, his negotiations with the seller saved me more than $20,000 in repairs and a lot of preoccupations — I trusted him since beginning (It is not hard to trust Charlie because of his calm and serious temperament) and he honored my trust. I feel perfectly comfortable to recommend Charlie to help anyone who wants to buy or sell a house in the Stowe area, and especially for people who are buying their first house and need a realtor they can trust.
— Felipe Vieira, Stowe VT

"If we had to do it all again we'd want you on our side."

You were the ideal realtor for us. Here’s a few things that we really appreciated:

1. Your integrity: it was very obvious to us that you aren’t in it to make a fast buck. You’re clearly motivated by the satisfaction of making things come together for people. This resulted in a very trusting relationship - we saw you putting our interests first, even when that wasn’t necessarily in your own best interest. You’re a moral person and that permeates your work.

2. Your thoughtful approach to your work: you’re very thorough and methodical and you think before speaking - no snap judgements or empty words. No cheesy sales pitch either. You were respectful and honest and calm. This made such a difference to the experience of finding and buying a home.

3. Your intelligence: you clearly know your stuff but you also handled negotiations with a social awareness that smoothed everyone’s feathers (including our own!).

4. Your patience: you would have gone for as long as it took to find us our house. We never felt hurried at any point in the process. If we had to do it all again we’d want you on our side.

Thank you for everything.
— Stella Richards, Stowe VT

"Heeding Charlie's advice resulted in a quick sale."

When Charlie took our listing to sell a parcel of land in Stowe, which we had owned for some 20 years, he encouraged us to not only brush hog the property, but to also reflag the boundary pins, and to specifically indicate, again by flagging, the house site. Heeding this advice resulted in a quick sale for which we are very grateful.
— Gerri and Jim Gildea, NJ and Stowe

"If you want the very best realtor, get Charlie."

I first met Charlie during the summer of 2012. My house had been on the market since 2006 with a few people looking at it but no one interested in buying. It was a very daunting time in real estate history due to the general economy so I was not surprised, but felt it would be good to have a new realtor and some different pictures in the advertisements.
— Pam Gelineau, Jeffersonville, VT

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"[Charlie] was clear, honest, and thorough throughout the process."

Charlie is the most trustworthy professional we’ve ever worked with. He was clear, honest and thorough throughout the process. He made every step and decision, especially the hard ones, clear and easy.
— Raymond & Melinda Mascolino, Hyde Park, VT

 "His local knowledge gave us a great feel for the area."

Charlie helped us on our move from Mass to Stowe and was both highly professional as well as a pleasure to work with. He was very quick to understand our goals, helped us to filter our search effectively and was incredibly flexible to accommodate our changing schedules. His local knowledge gave us a great feel for the area. We found just the right property and at the right price. Our thanks to Charlie from the whole family...
— Tom RIchards, Stowe, VT

"[Charlie] always makes you feel like you're his most important client."

Charlie is not only a skilled realtor but a very genuine and caring man who always makes you feel like you’re his most important client. He’s also the most patient man in the world and will always make you feel like your requests are reasonable and important. I would highly recommend Charlie to any of my friends to help them with their transactions.
— Heidi Wrighton, Jeffersonville, VT

"Charlie is simply the best realtor and guide to Stowe that one could ever ask for."

From our first meeting until the closing on our new house, he was attentive and extremely dedicated to our success in finding and purchasing a new home in Stowe. He was able to assess our needs and preferences quickly and all the houses that he showed us were possible matches. Once we decided on the house we wanted, he worked tirelessly, advising us in our negotiations and helping us arrange many estimates for repair work that was required. Our negotiations were a little problematic and he made sure that the seller fulfilled all of his promises to us. Our lawyer as extremely impressed with Charlie’s diligence on our behalf. Even after we closed on the house, he continued to refer us to various workers and local companies that were required for our Stowe house to take the shape that we envisioned. Clearly Charlie loves being a realtor and is devoted to his clients. We feel extremely fortunate that fate brought us to Charlie and would recommend him without reservation.
— John Wysolmerski and Caroline Hendel, CT and Stowe, VT

"Yeah, Charlie killed it!"

Super happy with the way he moved things along while I had to focus on things down in Waterbury [after Hurricane Irene].
— Mike Waldert, Stowe, VT

"Charlie was the best!"

Simply outstanding!” / [Net Promoter®] score for Charlie: “10
— John Cassedy, MA and Stowe, VT

"I have never come across a buyer's agent so truly aware of his buyer's needs."

Charlie was there to answer questions and offer insights every step through the purchase process. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 14 years and I have never come across a buyers agent so truly aware of his buyers needs. His commitment to providing the best customer service coupled with his caring and unconditionally supportive personality, has set a level of excellence that we will never forget.
— Jamie Simpson and Denice Kresker, MA and Stowe, VT

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